Laser L’amour Clinique & Spa

8 Executive Court Suite #1

South Barrington, IL60010

(224) 655-2994

We would like to welcome you to Laser L’amour Clinique & Spa, a professional skin care center and beauty salon found in South Barrington, IL. Surrounded by rich nature centers from every direction, it’s a relaxing and comfortable medical spa that all of our clients proudly recommend to their friends.

Visit us for our quality skin care services and find yourself in a personal sanctuary where you can enjoy relaxation from the hassles of your everyday life.

Beauty and Skin Care Experts

Our experienced beauty professionals will introduce your body to the proper care it deserves. Leave yourself in the hands of our qualified staff and management with a passion for providing top quality service.

We focus on adapting up-to-date techniques and the latest innovations through continued training of our employees. Visit our medical spa and beauty salon to accept our professional assistance with the latest skin care and laser treatment solutions currently available on the market, such as Acleara.

Beauty Salon

At Laser L’amour Clinique & Spa, we put your beauty and health first. Try our anti-aging solutions, provided with true professionalism and style by our skilled staff. We use the most advanced light-based technology in the world for fast, safe and permanent results not offered by conventional beauty products.

Choose from a wide range of skin care solutions and luxury services at our beauty salon, which incorporates all the latest technology and products by the industry’s most reputable brands. Achieve younger-looking and healthier skin at our skin care center in South Barrington, IL with cutting-edge technology like the Acleara laser.

Skin Care Center

We believe that skin is the first frontier in the fight against aging. By keeping your skin healthier and more vibrant, you will retain youthful looks and improve your overall life experience.

Our medical spa helps restore and rejuvenate your skin through comprehensive medical procedures. We will come up with a specialized skin care regimen meant just for you, adjusted according to unique skin type and other factors. With us, you can finally forget about acne, discoloration, dehydration and other skin issues.

Top Quality Service

If you want to visit a medical spa in South Barrington, prepare to be met by high quality skin care procedures and calm atmosphere of Laser L’amour Clinique. From the friendly customer service to our highly-trained staff, you will only experience the best service to distract you from the stress of your everyday life.

Allow us to assist you with some of the following procedures:

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Acleara Acne System
  • PhotoFacial
  • Mesotherapy
  • Peels

Men and women of all ages are welcome at our beauty salon and skin care center in South Barrington, IL.